Friday, April 08, 2011


"Here dies another day
During which I have had eyes, ears, hands
And the great world round me;
And with tomorrow begins another.
Why am I allowed two?"~~~

GK Chesterton

I was doing some reading today back through my blog archives searching for something. I didn't find what I went there looking for but instead found something even better. The poem above and what follows below is from one of Linford Detweiler lovely letters. Linford is from the band Over The Rhine. This is the kind of stuff we are in need of allowing to simmer a bit. Lingering awhile with that which is good, is good

"I’d really be okay with this being my epitaph. (Linford is referring here to the Chesterton poem above)

When I was younger I would often write myself short job descriptions. I was thinking out loud about what might be worth hanging a life on, a life I was willing to sign my name to:

-Create spaces where good things can happen.

-Give the world something beautiful, some gift of gratitude,
no matter how insignificant or small.

-Write love letters to the whole world.

-Build fires outdoors, and lift a glass and tell stories,
and listen, and laugh, laugh, laugh. (Karin says I’m still working
on this one. She thinks I still need to laugh more, especially at
her jokes, puns and witty asides.)

-Flip a breaker and plunge the farm into darkness so that the stars can be properly seen.

-Do not squander afflictions.

-Own the longing, the non-negotiable need to “praise the mutilated world.”

-Find the music.

I still crave the extravagant gesture, the woman spilling a year’s wages on the feet of Jesus, the rarest perfume, washing his feet and drying them with her hair, a gesture so sensual it left the other men in the room paralyzed with criticism, analysis, theoretical moral concern - for what - the poor? Or was it just misdirected outrage in light of the glaring poverty of their own imaginations?"


Sue said...

Wow, that "create spaces where good things can happen" is on my job description as well. What a beautiful list :)

Kent said...

Somehow I missed your comment here. I thought everyone had moved on and weren't reading here anymore.

I love Linford's list

Sue said...

I moved on, but I decided I didn't like the view there.

And so now I've deleted Facebook and come back to blogs. Much betterer :)