Sunday, May 15, 2011

WATER...The Tears Of The Earth

That title just happens to be the title of the chapter I began my day with from John O'Donohue's book THE FOUR ELEMENTS Reflections On Nature. It was a very poignant space to be caught up in for the morning stroll through the garden. With subtitles like TO FREE THE SILTED SOURCE...THE LANGUAGE OF TEARS...THE WELL, FREE FLOW BETWEEN THE KNOWN AND THE UNKNOWN...WATER AND TIME...THE OCEAN AS IMMENSE DIVINITY...THE RIVER, FLUENT PRESENCE THROUGH LANDSCAPE...RAINS FROM THE HEAVENS...and WATER AS MIRROR, it was a very prayerful time, one full of gratitude for the extravagant artist and gift giver and the beauty of all we have been given.


Kel said...

those droplets of water are very refreshing

Kent said...

Thanks Kel