Monday, June 06, 2011


I love being around people. I really do. But I also like slipping away, I need to. Mostly to the outdoors whether it be my garden or some other natural place where the rhythm is slow and in no hurry and no demands are being made of me and where the weight of the pressure and frustration that too often is created by human interaction can fall away. Learning to share this planet with other humans along with the unavoidable challenges that travel along with that activity does seem to be where most of our hurts and frustrations come from. Being alone in more quite wild places isn't about trying to escape, at least not for's about trying to slip into and remain in a healthy natural fluent rhythm, a clearer perspective/mindset, a different current, one that can heal and might just create more harmonious relationships instead of adding to this world more of the kind defined by competiveness, divisiveness, strife and brokenness

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