Tuesday, June 14, 2011


It's the kind of day that pulls me in and makes me want to abide in silence in the midst of it all. Rolling gentle thunder, a passing rain showers, or any of the other things of nature and the larger cosmos, if you can enter into it, have a way of making you feel small, and puts things into perspective, and at the same time leaves you feeling so alive. And grateful to be alive.

But I still live in the realm of necessity and necessity calls. And that's more than okay also. There is a way of being, of learning to abide that makes the realm of necessity feel much more like gift also, something to also give thanks for. It's an indication that you are still alive and if you have the health to do it...you are so blessed.

So, I will be leaving this space behind shortly but will return later on today. This place has a way of recharging me and washing off the residue of the world of necessity, that for the most part, is so out of sync with the natural rhythm we were meant for. A natural rhythm we can once again be set free to live within. A rhythm that will travel with us as we enter into the space where most of life happens...the out of sync flowing tide that will press in on us and knock us out of stride if we allow it to by allowing it to seduce us with what it is offering.

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