Saturday, September 24, 2011


As Rilke wisely observed, we are not and cannot be at home in our interpreted world. The creatio-ex-nihilo metaphor invites us to leave behind these worn and weary ways of seeing, and to enter into the second innocence of a fresh encounter with creation. The veils of familiarity fall away. Our tired eyes are healed and washed in the well of all origin. Creation returns to the dignity and glory of its pure otherness. ~~~ The Four Elements

Friday, September 23, 2011


A mental prison can be as bad as a physical prison. When you are trapped in a mental prison, the crippling idea or feeling robs you of all joy and freedom. You can see or feel little else. Your mind becomes a small room without light. You turn the wild mystery of your own mind into a shabby, negative little room; the windows are blocked, and there is no door. The mental prison is devastatingly lonely. It is a sorrowful place, because ultimately it is you who locks yourself up within a demented idea or feeling. ~~~ Eternal Echoes

And from John's book BEAUTY The Invisible Embrace

We turn the mystery and strangeness of this world into our private territory. We make a home out of the world. Life becomes predictable and we function within our frames: route to work, colleagues, friends, patterns of thinking and feeling, the faces of the family, etc. Without sensing it, we become lost inside the automatic traffic of functioning. It is only when something goes wrong that we are hauled back to the edge. Quite abruptly the familiar map has melted and territories that were sure ground an hour ago don't exist anymore.

And later on in BEAUTY...this.....

The mystery and magic of being an individual is to live life in response to the deep call within, the call to become who we were dreamed to be. In primal terms, it is the call to discover and realize the divine blueprint in the soul. This is where true freedom awaits us. Freedom is not simply the absence of necessity; it is the poise of soul at one with a life which honors and engages its creative possibility. There is no other presence in creation that has such potential for freedom as the human self. Yet like seagulls in the unsheltered cold and ferocity of the ocean, we often nest out on the cold ledges of famished extremity and neglect to remember the meadows where the flowers await. Naturally, there will be times when truth of heart demands that we live on the ledges. To remain there, however, resembles an addiction to misery.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


If we as individuals aren't awakened to the destructive way of thinking (Royal Consciousness) that hooks us and perpetuates the unjust society it has created, which is the direct result of people growing up in homes without love and grace and freedom and a sense of real belonging, nothing will ever change. And if we adults can't create that kind of environment in our homes because our thinking is still trapped in the destructive consciousness of the unjust society, our children will be left with a mountain of destructive thinking to overcome and will struggle as they move into their life as adults creating their own path of damage that will continue to harm them and others.

These are difficult thing to untangle. But it's work we must engage in if change is to happen in us as individuals. And if people want to think that it shouldn't be difficult work but should be more of an abracadabra kind of thing, they more than likely will never begin the journey towards freedom and health and will just continue to perpetuate their own destructive behavior and then try to ignore the reality that they aren't an island. Their damage is effecting others.

We live in troubled times as every generation has. And we need to come to understand that there are consequences to the choices we make and our choices are born out of the way we think.

I often wonder while making photo posts, if people are left trying to figure out the connection between the words and the photo :-) Maybe it's just me? But it makes perfect sense to me. If we want our thinking to be awakened and renewed we need to change our environment. If we continue to spend our time in the environments controlled by the status quo (it's important to figure out what that is) and feeding on the curriculum constantly offered there (another thing important to identify), we shouldn't be surprised if we stay stuck year after year in the same unhealthy place.

Nature is wild and free and doesn't march to the beat of the drum of the destructive Royal Consciousness. It just makes sense to begin to move into that space more and more so as to allow the mind to detox and to reboot back to health.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I wasn't suppose to be in here.

I mentioned in a previous comment while at the Botanical Garden that I had just experienced a first. I was actually standing in it before I even realized I had gone down a pathway that is closed to the public. I was aware that I had never gone down this path but was thinking that a new pathway had been created since my last visit. I hadn't even noticed the gate (it was open) as I walked along the path paying more attention to the beautifully sculpted pines. It wasn't until I came into the area in the photo above that I realized I was standing in the garden of the Sacred Tea House Island that was built for the Emperor of Japan and is closed to the public. Is it okay for me to say that it was a special moment for me? :-) And not because of this places connection to an Emperor. I've just wanted to see this garden space for many years.

Another interesting part of this trip to the garden today was that once I arrived in the parking lot there I turned my camera on to check the settings and in red lettering the words NO MEMORY CARD appeared. So I left the camera in my truck. I was okay with that reality but am glad I had something to capture this photo with. I had my iPhone.

The girls are going to freak out when they find out. And will probably say something like...."Why do things like this happen to you all the time?" :-)

The photo below gives you an indication of how much my daughters want to get over to that island. They are acting like they are storming the front gate....I quietly entered through the back gate ;-)

Monday, September 19, 2011


Grace and freedom are messy and can often feel dark to minds formerly shaped by law. But when you get to see glimpses of her beauty, there is really no human experience that compares. This morning it brings to mind those glorious moments, if you have ever experienced it, when a mountain top is illuminated by the rising or sitting sun while darkness still envelops the surrounding area. There will be more moments of darkness to walk through. But grace has found her place here in our lives and whatever may come....I know everything is perfectly in process.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


There is so much struggle going on around me in lives of people I know. I really can't remember a time when more people seem to be on the edge. And they seem like serious edges. I find my mind and heart these days so often caught up in a longing for these people. It's a longing to see them cross the thresholds that lay between the familiar way of being that seems to be coming to an end and a completely new way of being that awaits on the other side of the threshold. Crossing over is not an easy task. It's down right scary and difficult. A change in directions is necessary. And often times the crossing requires personal change of a radical nature.

While on a long walk in the rain today with Bailey, this reality of these thresholds and the people I mentioned above occupied my thoughts. John O'Donohue speaks more clearly and eloquently about these things than anyone I've read, so many of his thoughts were running through me also while walking. When we arrived back home I googled his name along with the word Threshold to see what I might find. I found these words below and they happen to be from someone other than John. They were contained within a tribute to John written for him after his untimely death. They express so poignantly the difficulty that life so often can present and the hope that rests in us finding ourselves at a threshold and finding what we need in that moment to cross over, as John says, worthily.

When the light around you lessens,
And your thoughts darken until
Your body feels fear turn
Cold as stone inside.

When you find yourself bereft
Of any belief in yourself
And all you unknowingly
Leaned on has fallen,

When one voice commands
Your whole heart
And it is raven dark,

Steady yourself and see
That it is your own thinking
That darkens your world,

Search and you will find
A diamond-thought of light

Know that you are not alone
And that this darkness has purpose
Gradually it will school your eyes
To find the one gift your life requires
Hidden with this night-corner

Invoke the learning of every suffering
You have suffered

Close your eyes
Gather all the kindling
About your heart
To create one spark
That is all you need
To nourish the flame
That will cleanse the dark
Of its weight of festered fear

A new confidence will come alive
To urge you towards higher ground
Where your imagination
Will learn to engage difficulty
At its most rewarding threshold.

~~~ George Mackay Brown

Saturday, September 10, 2011


You could make a trip to the moon but it wouldn't surpass the excitement and significance of the journey within. Coming home to yourself is far more important to your life than any trip you might desire to take to some far off exotic place.

Friday, September 09, 2011


Sunset is like a gentle collecting, harvesting of the colors that made up the day that was well lived by the natural world. That very rhythm that is in nature is within us. The closer we move towards it, and away from the frenetic pace of the world humans have created, the more we will find ourselves living well within the days we are privileged to take part in.

Monday, September 05, 2011


It brings to mind the Japanese Maple grove I want to plant and the yearly festival I would have there and invite you all to.

You can read about the festival here.

Saturday, September 03, 2011


It's such a wastage of the enormous human potential to live beautiful lives. And while in that land we forget who we are and just spend our time wandering around from one excitement to the next, or we live overwhelmed, or a combination of both. And all along, what we are missing travels along with us, but we must learn to still ourselves and listen in order to hear it.

Thursday, September 01, 2011


If your language has become impoverished and course, and is wrapped in a cold blanket of negativity, it's more than likely an indication that your eyes have lost touch with beauty and love and mystery. And then it's just a matter of time before your soul takes the hit. Now the color of life in the visible realm and invisible realm seems to have drifted away. The good news is that it hasn't. It's still there just awaiting your return.