Saturday, October 29, 2011


Life is meant to be such an adventure. But most humans get so knuckled into their domesticated lives in the machine world and completely forget that they are creatures in a larger creature world. They then fall out of touch with the thrill of just being here and being a part of it in the role they are meant to live in. We are then left believing and then living like, humans and the things we create, are the only things of real value...the only things that really matter, and the only value any other thing has is simply connected to how it is useful for the self centered trip we have become stuck on. The term is called: anthropocentric. This misdirection then forms the mistaken notion in the mind that everything besides the human is without soul. This alternate story humanity then lives in creates a destructive "cosmological elitism" and it causes us to miss the profound reality of Creation that we are a part of. Once our reference point get skewed we are then fully exiled into an existence that is completely out of rhythm. No wonder our thinking then becomes completely skewed in regard to the one who created it all, and what that one is up to in regard to it all, and its unfolding.

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