Friday, November 18, 2011



Kel said...

i adore autumn, especially if there's trees like this around

Kent said...

I love it too Kel. Thanks.

I posted this with one of the photos today on Fb

The life of grace and freedom only begins to awaken in us as a tangible presence once we awaken to the wild elegant nature of the Beautiful and our place in that dance. While out this afternoon in the garden with my camera this reality of the wild elegance of beauty was all around me. The beauty is always in full view here through all the seasons. It was the presence of strong winds blowing through here today that added the sense of the wild. The delicate leaves of the maples are looking especially graceful today as they dance about.

It's impossible for me to encounter beauty anymore and these words not run through my head. They are pretty good words to have filling up the head.

"And if you can enter into the dream that brought you here and awaken its beauty in you, then the beauty will gradually awaken all around you." ~~~John O'Donohue

Kirk said...

I love the documentary photography of your garden that unfolds in every season. It is a lovely space. I so agree with what you said somewhere recently about not having to wander to the ends of the earth to see beauty. So many people think if they only had xxx camera and could go to xxx, they would see beauty. Stop, look, and listen works well too, right:-)

Kent said...

Thanks Kirk