Sunday, November 20, 2011


How might your life be different if it were lived fully caught up inside the fleeting moments of wonder that you are surrounded by everyday? Have you ever asked yourself....why is it so much more common for humans to instead choose to fill there time with mental and physical activities that leave them more demanding, competitive, cranky, greedy, needy, exhausted, angry, depressed, anxious....etc etc etc?

It's a choice we all make in every passing fleeting moment. And the choice makes a huge difference in regards to what we experience and what those around us experience while they are with us.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011


As much as I now enjoy the maturity of this garden and the rest it now offers me, that native longing to continue to create never rests. We are natural born creators/artists...all of us. Many when they see this garden, the last thing that comes to mind is rest. All they see is hard intensive work. That though is due to the eyes they are stuck seeing things through. It's one of those bad fruits of the fragmented lives (way of being) we all inherited. Our lives have become so chopped up. We have our "work lives" and then we have our "non work lives". And most seem to despise the work part and often really don't enjoy the non work part either because most seem to despise how quickly it passes which only means they have to return to the work part. This dualistic approach to life leaves many things that belong together cut off from one another. And it goes well beyond how most people view life "the work part and the part that's not work" example. And if we remain there...we are left suffering unnecessarily.

Even though I no longer suffer internally or externally, like I used to, under the dualistic approach to a life of living here and working over there, I actually have a desire to bring my life back together in an even more tangible physical way by combining them in one locale. There's something about the idea that just feels healthier...more in rhythm. Often when I express this to people many look at me as if I am nuts. They desire to keep the two seperate. I assume that is due to the reality that they see work as more of an intrusion on their life than as an integral part of their whole being. Maybe it's just me? The more I rid myself of the mistaken notions of conventional wisdom, I find myself seeing more clearly the oppressiveness and the soul diminishing nature of what the out of sync thinking has created. Like I said, we all are natural born creators. We all are creating whether we are aware of it or not. Unfortuately, much of what's being created is the oppressive soul diminishing kind of stuff.

A few years ago when I stepped back from it all during a distrubing season that got my attention...I didn't like what I began to see in regards to what I had created while participating in that dualistic life. Even this garden took on a whole new feeling. The change began to transform the whole experience of life. It feels much less fragmented and scattered today. Gently intertwined and brought back home together is way better than the entanglements of the scrattered outwardly and driven nature of dualism.

This morning I was feeling the familiar creative stirring that I often feel inside me. And as I walked through the garden my memory took me back to earlier days lived in this space. And I certainly do enjoy what this garden and my life have matured into.....but I am always thinking about doing it again. Well, at least the creating a new garden part. There is just something so healing and restorative about participating with and creating beauty. Every human needs to experience it. Creating beauty/adding beauty to this world is what an integrated life is all about. Begin to take back your life from all the places it has been scattered out to and then just watch as your life begins to turn into a beautiful garden bursting into life.

Friday, November 04, 2011


In medieval times soldiers would take this plant, roots and all, and crush it to extract the liquid from the plant and would then dip the tips of their arrows in it. Monk's Hood is highly toxic and once that arrow would pierce the skin of an enemy soldier, death would be almost certain...and agonizing.

And when humans are acting more human....this plant truly is one of the medicinal wonders of the botanical world.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011


With every challenging twist and turn in the space of your life up to this point, there has been a secret life traveling along with you. This secret life's intention is transfiguration, beautification and freedom.

If you will attend to it, it will awaken you. It sets in motion a transition from a life of increasing frustration, attempts to control and making a mess of a life defined by an unwinding of your troubled inner world that created the twists in the first place.

A cool part of this experience is that somehow the artist that orchestrates all of this, in collaboration with us and our soul, leaves in place the outline of all of our experiences in our visual a beautiful reminder that somehow all along, even during all the rough spots, this work was in motion.