Friday, January 27, 2012


The beauty of the wastefulness of Creation isn't waste. It's abundance...a visible sign of invisible grace. An ever present echo of the substance that sustains our lives....physically and spiritually. When we humans forget that and fall out of touch with it, our longing gets distorted. We then forget our place in it all and the result is we damage ourselves and others and Creation.

"You humans, so little in your own eyes. You truly are blind to your own place in Creation. Having chosen the ravaged path of independence, you don't even comprehend that you are dragging the entire Creation along with you." She shock her head and the wind sighed through the tree nearby. "So very sad, but it won't be this way forever." The Shack

"One is constantly reminded of the infinite lavishness and fertility of Nature -- inexhaustible abundance amid what seems enormous waste. And yet when we look into any of her operations that lie within reach of our minds, we learn that no particle of her material is wasted or worn out. It is eternally flowing from use to use, beauty to yet higher beauty; and we soon cease to lament waste and death, and rather rejoice and exult in the imperishable, unspendable wealth of the universe, and faithfully watch and wait the reappearance of everything that melts and fades and dies about us, feeling sure that its next appearance will be better and more beautiful than the last." ~~~ John Muir

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