Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Change is constant. Whether we are intentionally participating with it or whether we are working hard to keep it from happening....it's happening. Life is transient and all the spins we put on it are as well. The spin most humans put on it seems to be an attempt to cheat the progressive motion/the passing of it all. I think we end up being the ones who are cheated in such an attempt. Life is made up of thresholds...the passing from one territory into another. Sometimes the crossings happen simply because we have made a choice to move from an old familiar territory we have outgrown and into a newer more open space. Sometimes it's just life itself that dictates to us that a crossing of a threshold is going to happen. Either way, I'm finding in my life, the way in which we choose to cross makes a world of difference when it comes to the experience it produces.


ron said...


Your mention of life being made up of thresholds reminded me of an excellent article by Len Hjalmarson at Next Reformation where he talks about liminality. Here are a couple of excerpts.

The Latin word limina means threshold. Liminality is where all transformation happens. It is when we are betwixt and between, and therefore by definition “not in control.” Nothing new happens as long as we are inside our self-constructed comfort zone. Much of our day to day effort at life is toward maintaining our personal little world.

Four years ago my wife and I stepped out of an organized faith community (the pond), into the large ocean. The ecology of the pond is highly structured. Roles are set and the rules for changing them are well established. Expectations, traditions, even meanings are non-negotiable. When you swim in the same pond every day for a year or two, you learn the names and the language, and you know who you are. The world closes in; the pond is all there is. There is a high degree of predictability, and that contributes to comfort and security…and boredom and self-deception

It ain’t the same in the ocean. Have you ever experienced tidal waters? Or large
predatory fish? How about a storm at sea? Do you know how deep the waters get in the Laurentian Abyssal? Forget the scuba gear, it won’t take you there.

We left a secure place where we knew the rules for uncharted waters where nothing was certain. That process launched us into an emotional and spiritual journey that we did not expect, and barely knew how to articulate. We had to learn to see in new ways, to listen in new ways, and then learn a new language to describe what we were seeing. We thought we had been using a good lens; it turned out our professional camera was a $49 Wal-Mart special with fixed focal length, 35mm and f4. What had been a predictable and understandable world became unpredictable and mysterious. We had embarked on an unplanned journey with an unknown destination, without maps and with little light. We didn’t have any recent stories to guide us, and no friends or mentors to emulate.

If you’re interested in the rest of his article it can be found at http://nextreformation.com/wp-admin/resources/liminal.pdf


Kent said...

Thanks Ron. I can relate to that experience. I will check out the article. Blessings to you and on your journey out in the wide open spaces.