Friday, March 02, 2012


While out really early this morning a very cool lightning storm was moving in from the West. And the sight set my mind into motion about the storms of life and how they can serve each of us in the journey on our way to a more well rounded substantial becoming. That is...if we can move through such moments in our lives open to what wants to happen and awaken inside us.

Believe me, I know with experience that we all want to avoid the storms. But just as with nature, you can desire a storm free walk in the park all you want, but if a storm is forming and headed your way, the desire will not calm down or stop the wind and rain that's headed your way. We can't avoid the storms created by others, or those we create ourselves, or even those that seem to just form all of the sudden out of nowhere. They are a part of this life we are caught up in. What's tragic is to waste them and miss out on the new spaces of freedom they can foster in our lives. Can it be scary? Sure it probably will be. But we can even learn how to calm down that fear that comes and so often sends us to running or hiding or fighting, all of which are emotional storms of their own, emotions that most often keep us stuck in places too small for us.

It is the very shaking created by the storms, that can help move us into a way of being that is more defined by beauty than was the last place we have been occupying. I hope you can learn to pass through these experiences worthily and grow in freedom and peace and joy and rest. The change will make the rest of your journey so much more fulfilling.


Janelle said...

..."new spaces of freedom they can foster in our lives."
Thank you for this! Especially the last paragraph...

Kent said...

You are welcome. I see in your favorite book list some books by Wayne Jacobsen. I am assuming you found your way here by The God Journey?