Friday, April 20, 2012


I believe the call of our inner life is never absent. We just fall out of touch with it the further and further we move into the distractions of adulthood, as we continue to pick up more and more scripts/maps that are handed to us. We are told they will show us the way and make this life easier. Reality has a way of bringing us to our senses if we would just allow it. But too often the supporting voices for the scripts and maps are so loud. Add to that, the audio soundtrack in our own head, telling us to stay the course, is too loud also.

This misdirection eventually causes us to completely fall out of sync with the natural primal flow of our soul. The human you are, whom God created, is a beautiful thing. The key is for the logjam that has cut you off from that flow, to break free. The gentle flowing stream inside us all wants to sing. And if it is set will.

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