Monday, May 07, 2012


I've spent part of the day reworking this area. The space changed this morning once I removed the Japanese Maple that had been filling the space front center and left. A long time salon client of mine came through last week looking for a maple. The time working today left me, as working in the garden often does, thinking about life and the things going on in my own self and situations that are always unfolding in the lives of people I know and love. The theme was transience and the uncontrollable nature of it all.

 Most humans seem to not be able to handle transience/change. Or at least not very gracefully. People just grit their teeth and hang on or fight in an attempt to control it all so that situations and people meet their expectations of how they think things should be. And don't misunderstand me. I'm not suggesting that passivity is a better path. But what I am coming to realize, most of the manifestations of standing and fighting for what we are convinced is right usually doesn't serve anyone well. Even if we win the fight we have usually created a very twisted unhealthy paradigm for ourselves and others in the process.

 Unhealthy humans don't know how to fight for themselves, or for others, or for the situation they are often caught up in conflict over. Clarity of vision and understanding usually aren't traveling companions of unhealthy humans. And false perceptions drive false emotional responses and false emotional responses create further destruction and deeper pain and delusion.

 One thing has become very clear to me. It's true with landscape and it's true with humans....everything is in flux and is changing. That tree outside your front door might look the same today as it did yesterday. But believe me, it's not the same. There are visible changes that can be seen by the attentive/trained eye, and there are changes happening that are not visible at all. And when it comes to humans, the reality of things changing is even more dynamic and dramatic. There is a human element that complicates the human experience in regards to change that goes well beyond what nature experiences. We would be well served to understand this about one another and take our hands off in regards to trying to force people to remain the same or to be what they want them to be. We would be well served to understand this about ourselves also.

 This is why freedom and love and grace are so important. This is why control and manipulation and the self serving agenda of ego is so destructive and problematic. One takes into account growth and transience and allows it to happen and moves along with it. And even celebrates it. And the other just can't do it. Control and manipulation and the self serving agenda of ego all flow out of human neediness. Human unsettledness. When freedom and love and grace are the exact opposite. They're not needy at all. They love to belong and yet already know they belong and can just rest in that. And that knowing has a way of leaving them okay in their solitude also. Contented people don't go around creating conflict everywhere they are. They are people learning to just live in the natural rhythm and flow of it all. And they live aware of how quickly it is all passing and want to live awake and present and in a space of peace so as to not miss any of it, while desiring to help others find the same kind of space for themselves.

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