Friday, May 11, 2012


"Beauty tends to avoid the siren call of the obvious. Away from the blatant centre, it prefers the neglected margin. Beyond the traffic of voyeuristic seeing, beauty waits until the patience and depth of a gaze are refined enough to engage and discover it. In this sense, beauty is not a quality externally present in something. It emerges at the threshold where reverence of mind engages the subtle presence of the other person, place or object. The hidden heart of beauty offers itself only when it is approached in a rhythm worthy of its trust and showing." BEAUTY...The Invisible Embrace

Whether it be the silence of a single droplet of water hanging on the edge, or the quiet of 1,276 square miles when the sun is rising....if you can learn to linger at these thresholds and listen, you will find such moments rearranging things inside you.

Take a listen to this  The quiet of 1,276 square miles when the sun is rising

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