Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I've been doing some untangling of some stuff inside myself once again. This vocation of being a parent can be tricky, and at times treacherous, for both children becoming young adults and parents alike. As an adult, watching the wild idealism of youth, with its edge of danger and adventure, has a way of continuously recalling myself to that wild idealism and dangerous edge of my youth. I've found, awakening to that once again, to be one of the most important happenings in my adult life, to date. I have my daughters and their friends to thank for that. But it has all, from time to time, been a journey defined by the pain created by the idealism and wildness of youth getting falsified by the falsity of modern culture.

 What saddens me is the apparent deterioration in our culture of the relationship between youth and wise mentor. And from my experience in purposefully looking at our culture and this apparent loss, something more tragic has been revealed. This culture seems to have not produced many wise mentors. I see as many scattered, nerve shaken, unmoored adults as I do among the young. This realization serves to keep me awake and alert and attentive to what is going on around me and inside me....most of the time.

 One thing I do not want to do, is to live with my daughters in a way that quenches idealism and pushes out the danger of adventure and discovery that is in them, and replace it with some bland, boring, soul diminishing idea that conforming to the script is safer and a more sure bet when it comes to making it in this world. Like I said....it's a tricky balance made even more tricky due to the difficulties of communication and the ever present misperceptions of intention. And then there is the ever present possibility that we adult's intentions might be less then admirable or helpful to begin with, because we too have been/are being shaped by the falsity of the script of this culture. And even when we awaken to it, and our minds and our way of being begin to find freedom from it, we have to remain vigilant because it's malforming presence never takes a break or vacates the environment in which we and those younger than us reside.

 It's been a bit challenging around here recently. But do I ever love these girls and their friends. And do I ever feel for them as they wander through these turbulent times, made reality, simply due to the internal struggles of the season they are in....made only more difficult by the lack of wise mentors who understand freedom and who through the example of their lives demonstrate a better way. A way that will serve in the days ahead to recall them back to themselves, out of the false belonging they have unknowingly wandered into.

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