Sunday, June 10, 2012


The natural garden we all live in assists us in many ways. And then sometimes we humans can add some of our own reminders to it. The 5 stones (that represent the 5 members of this family) at the front edge of the area with the raked gravel, along with the intersecting ripples that encircle them, hopefully will become a gentle daily reminder to my daughters and to Julie and I of the importance of mindful presence. None of us are islands. Our choices and the way we choose to live out each moment of our lives, are never just about us as individuals....they are choices that ripple out and contribute to the creation of the experience of a community.


DaRon Maughon said...

Hey Kent!

We have a mutual friend in Wayne Jacobsen. I've been a "God Journey" listener for around 4 years. I was listening to "Repentance That Works" podcast today from The God Journey. You were Wayne's guest on there. I really enjoyed hearing your heart, & a bit of your story! Godspeed, friend & fellow journeyman!


DaRon Glenn Maughon

Kent said...

Thanks. And Godspeed to you as well.