Sunday, July 29, 2012


Youth seems to despise solitude on the grounds that it is boring. Adults seems to carry some of that over from youth and then add to it feelings of terror in regards to solitude. Is it that adults are afraid of what they will see about themselves? Afraid of what they might hear in the stillness and silence?

I've heard some express that there is nothing that resembles God more than silence. Maybe deep down inside we sense that naturally? It seems people are afraid of God. It probably should be no surprise then that people fill their lives with activities. Even activities they believe to be God sanctioned activities. That even turns out to be an indication of an abiding fear of God and a need to do "God things" in order to stay on their God's good side.

Today, talk of solitude and silence conjures up notions of New Age Spirituality and Eastern Religions to many who have been influenced by Western forms of Christianity. And they avoid it like it's the plague or something worse. "God busyness" suits them better. And all the while they miss the endless stream of characters right there in their text who were formed right there in the solitude of the wilderness...and prison cells...and on mountain tops...and lonely desert places.


Mike Rutledge said...

How are you? I can relate to this post. I've noticed myself filling up the empty space with a lot of noise recently, so the last couple days I've been getting back to solitude. Turning off the radio in the car, not immediately grabbing something to read in a spare moment etc.
Just last night I was reading a bunch of stuff online about something I've been wrestling with and found myself getting overwhelmed a little until I just turned it all off and sort of cried out in frustration. God seemed to speak to me in a very comforting way with a reminder that I can always go straight to Him. I don't need a mediator or to "figure stuff out" as much as just listen . . . which takes some time and silence and solitude. You're post is a good reminder.
I think it is somewhat scary to let all the distractions go and be willing to really listen. We often don't hear what we want. Or we hear a truth that has implications that we don't want to face. But it seems that many transformations have to begin there.
Hope you're doing well.

Kent said...

Hello Mike. I hope you all are doing well also.

Things are going fine here. Sam is a couple weeks away from having high school finished. Oh to have high school behind us is going to feel really good.

I'm training/apprenticing Ellie to be a hairstylist.

And Amie is at Webster now trying to get college finished up.