Sunday, September 23, 2012


We live in anxious times. People look around them, and they need not look far, and they find challenges in their own lives and in the lives of others, big challenges, and it has a way of leaving them living scared. Uncertainty can be disconcerting. But uncertainty is just a part of this life as we live in these fragile clay tents in a world that leaves us vulnerable to all the things that can come at us at any given moment. Everything is transient. We can't control that or change it. But there is a way of being that we can slip right down into that can settle us down. Part of the process of slipping in is accepting the uncertainty and our inability to control it in hopes of creating certainty. Learning to respond to all that is happening becomes so very important. As long as people live in the delusion that they can control it and control other people's actions, they will find themselves reacting instead of responding. Reaction is a presence that travels alongside people who are not at peace and have not learned how to rest, and respond out of a place of trust. The ability to respond is a presence that travels with the pilgrim who is learning to embrace the uncertainty and the transient nature of this life, and is coming to know and trust that secret life behind it all.

It is what it is. What am I going to be in it? Or maybe it's better expressed this way....How am I going to be in it?

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