Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's a photo I took early this week. And the more I see it and get pulled deeper into it along with the bird, I can't help but think of the countless ways in which we all have been caged. And how that caging keeps us from going deeper. Keeps us from exploring out beyond the boundaries that have been placed around us. And how most of that is caused by our minds being caged. This life, our very being, is way bigger than culture and religion has allowed us to believe. There is way more waiting for us if we can break free from the domestication and all the mistaken notions that have dulled our senses in regards to the wild freedom we were meant for. No boundaries. Just wide open spaces for us to explore and soar into possibilities we can't even yet see from where we are now standing.

We all are a part of  New Creation unfolding and we have been invited to join in. But too often we are completely consumed with the projects that have been given some life by the culture we live in. Projects that do more to serve the survival of a system that most often never even begins to understand the project of New Creation. These projects do more to oppose it then advance it. Often times their very nature is the very opposite of the nature of New Creation. Nasty means will never lead to good ends. And the nature of New Creation looks too weak in the realm dominated by nasty means, and that leaves the masses rejecting it....even the part of the masses that says it's the mouth piece for New Creation. That mouthpiece usually can be found acting out in even more arrogant and aggressive ways than the dominant culture.

Going deeper has never been easy. Stepping out of the masses can be costly. It certainly opens you up to being misunderstood. It even might get you accused of not caring...of being passive.

Going deeper has nothing to do with not caring or being passive. It's actually an expression of caring more deeply than you ever had before while caught up in the projects of the out of sync systems and the troubling adventure of justifying nasty means for some good ends you might have been convinced of. This new path will most likely leave people thinking you have checked out because they can't possibly see how your new way of being in the world could change the world. And the accusations and misunderstandings are okay. It should be expected. When you step into the project of New Creation you will receive a new way of all looks so different from here.


Toby said...

I'll be savoring this. There's more than enough 'Nasty Means' going around right now where I live and, although I know full well there's no value in pushing back in reaction to it, the temptation remains strong. I just want to go bury my head in the sand sometimes. But I know what I need to do is simply remain smothered in the simplicity of living loved. Thanks for the reminder, Kent

Kent said...

Fight or flight are not good options