Monday, October 08, 2012


As I have mentioned before, the trustable presence of the moon, along with a wondrous mystery it represents, and the whole of the order of the orbit of the cosmos we too are a part of, has always left me freaked out. Freaked out in a "WOW" kind of way. It really is an expression of reverence and it serves as a constant reminder to me of an invisible presence that is so easily forgotten as we humans go about our days caught up in this world that is all caught up the visible surface stuff that have no mystery surrounding it. And when humans become so transfixed in that world and live disconnected to the mystery, they find themselves living in a way that leaves them so susceptible to being manipulated and controlled by those who control the visible surface level activities.

 This is where some nurturing kind of rituals serve us well. And for me, there is no better ritual than the natural one that happens around us all every day. No one is excluded from this one. It just seems that most human fail to enter into it, and in so doing miss out on the nurturing beauty that is always being offered.

 I find this observation from Kathleen Raines very profound and applicable here....and helpful.

 "Strangest of all is the ease with which the vision is lost, consciousness contracts, we forget over and over again, until recollection is stirred by some icon of beauty. Then we remember and wonder why we ever forgot."

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