Monday, October 22, 2012


I love those moments when in the seemingly most ordinary things, the extraordinariness of it all becomes undeniably noticeable. What's unfortunate though is, most people seem to be programmed in a way that leaves them always looking for the rare and out-of-reach kind of things and experiences that happen somewhere beyond their everyday lives and environments. It keeps people thinking about life and living their lives in a way that is malformed.
A friend of mine responded to the photo of the setting sun awhile back that was so clearly one of those moments of someone seeing something beautiful (in something extremely ordinary) that left me very aware of the reality that she more than likely misses the extraordinariness of the ordinary that is around her every moment of everyday. Behind her expression was the question....When did you go on vacation? And to what extraordinary destination did you go? I was glad to be able to respond to her with this...It was just last week and was within a mile of where you live. I think her next words were....Oh whatever!!!!
What of this sacred daily life do we fail to experience, due to us always thinking that the grass is always greener somewhere other then where we happen to be, or in something other than what we are presently doing because the location where our daily life happens is void of the extraordinary or the more beautiful things? This kind of living that keeps us trapped in a way a thinking that seals us off from the magnificence of where the most holy moments are the ordinary...robs us of the experience of the most beautiful holy moments. And instead traps us in a world governed by expectations of experiencing something extraordinary tomorrow when we get to arrange our lives how we think they should be or when we get to travel somewhere and spend some time outside of our everyday life.
It is such a wild trip to be here. And being here is enough. And when we lose sight of that we end up greedily grabbing for things that disfigures the gift, and we harm ourselves and others in that grabbing that emerges out of a discontented heart and a misunderstanding of what being blessed means. And especially for all of us who have extremely privileged lives, it's good for us to remember those whose experience is lived out in places of real bleakness and suffering that disfigures the ordinary into a real struggle to survive. And those places are closer to us then we are often even aware of.

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