Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wonder is one of the first presences to get pushed out of life, for we who live in these modern times. The focus gets set on progress, and acquisition, and survival through all kinds of frantic planning which leaves us trying to tame the uncertain imagined future that lies ahead. It leads us to and leaves us stuck in future tripping and dull routine. But when a life awakens to wonder and becomes infused with its presence, it transfigures a life out of the dull routine that has left us numb and merely functioning in order to survive, and transplants us in a fertile soil where everything begins to feel intimate once again. And it is from this place of intimacy with all that is around us that we begin to grow in a healthy and natural way.


Kirk said...

This is good, Kent. We are so busy and wonder is often the first thing to get left behind. It's not like I think "hey, I'm not interested in wondering about stuff" . It's more like I'm rushing through the day and slide into the end of the day like someone stealing home. I've been trying to slow down enough to at least be aware of some little things. The amazing thing is those little things are all around...and they really are the big thing. Thanks for posting this.

Kent said...

Anything that slows us down is a gift of grace