Friday, November 30, 2012


For all the talk, busyness and noise that people insist hanging onto and are encouraged to hang onto, the real change we are in need of seems to mostly happen in a place more defined by silence, stillness, and solitude. We spend so much time in the external and neglect the internal. All of our mess continues to cycle on because we neglect what we are in need and love, and the order that exists in the Beautiful, where we belong, Divine Presence. It's an order that will not look like order at all to people caught up in the "order" of the external world humans have created. Real change seems to only emerge out of in-between-out-of-balance-moments that have a way of sending us into seasons/places of aloneness where few understand what we are going through. I like to think of it as sacred silence where the voice of God from within us can be heard. It's a difficult place for most people to go because most find themselves surrounded by people who are afraid and are hanging on for dear life to the external life they have been handed and given charge to defend...and that's a life that is sadly journeyed through completely asleep to what the true order of things in all their wild beauty are really like.

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