Sunday, November 11, 2012


There is a natural elegance and beauty that is present in us. It's often just never recognized for being what it is, which leaves it being ignored. It's more us then is all the surface busyness, programs, and all the plotting and planning we get caught up in as a result of all the manuals on 'doing life' that we have picked up along the way. The 'doing life' according to the manuals we have picked up usually leads us into a life of argument, competition, and conflict with others who happened to pick up differing manuals on 'doing life'.

 A life lived within one's own natural non aggressive elegance and beauty, is a life that flows from a trust that allows you simply to just be. And an ability to be in what ever is happening around you. While the life lived from one of, or a few of the manuals on 'doing life', produces a ragged and fractured experience of frustration that never leaves you at peace with self....or the world...which produces an agitation in regards to what happens to be going on around you because rarely is it ever going according to the manuals.

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