Wednesday, December 05, 2012


After some time outside under the starry sky and a little reading, it's time to call it a day.

I end it with some wisdom that can help us learn to live aware of the gravity that falsifies our longing, and a quiet trustable presence that can help refocus the longing and anchor it back to where it belongs. 

"Perhaps Nature senses the longing that is in us, the relentlessness that never lets us settle. She takes us into the tranquility of her stillness if we visit her. We slip into her quiet contemplation and inhabit for awhile the depth of her ancient belonging. Somehow we seem to become one with the rhythm of the universe. Our longing is purified, and we gain strength to come back to life refreshed and to refine our ways of belonging in the world. Nature calls us to tranquility and rhythm. When your heart is confused or heavy, a day outside in Nature's quiet eternity restores your lost tranquility." ~ Eternal Echoes

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