Tuesday, December 25, 2012


‎"When you are down so low
 you feel the imprint of the ground
 on your skin.
 Look around
 breathe in." ~~~ OTR

 The word humility comes from the latin word Humus...soil. Maybe that's why our best moments of clarity happen when we are down so low, close to the ground?

 And I admit, it's not a great posture if your agenda is still all tangled up in dominating, manipulating, and controlling others.

 Humility keeps ones feet planted on earth
...in the moment.

We came from soil and to soil
...we will return.

While here, we see with penumbral light
...only in part

There is no better place to look for help with the challenging task of earth travel, than to the one who entered this world powerless. The one who continues to refuse to pick up power moment to moment. 

Turns out humility isn't so powerless after all.

It's from where people of humble means/beauty emerge out of and into the gentle freedom of eternal life.

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