Tuesday, December 04, 2012


It's tragic how easily humans fall out of touch with the reality of how close the Divine is with us at every moment. Part of that is due to religion leaving us thinking it all happens in the grandiose and 'pure'. Why wouldn't people then assume the Divine Presence is nowhere near since the happenings of their lives most often aren't grandiose and certainly don't seem to be pure.

It's a falsity of grandiose proportions.

The Divine Presence is with us always and especially in the most natural things. Learn to look for it there, and once you begin to sense it there, you will never feel alone again.

Epiphany....Richard Rohr

 "The last way of knowing and the one you'd think religion would prefer and encourage is "epiphanic knowing." An epiphany is a parting of the veil, a life-changing manifestation of meaning, the eureka of awareness of self and the Other. It is the radical grace, which you cannot manufacture or orchestrate. There are no formulas which ensure it's appearance. It is always a gift unearned and unexpected and larger than one's present life.

 It happens in most unusual settings, usually non-religious settings, often a needed sign that you didn't cause it yourself by devotion or morality. I have met very few people who have had their great conversions inside churches or during liturgies, for example. You cannot manufacture epiphanies. You can only ask for them, wait for them, expect them, know they are given, keep out of the way and thank Someone afterwards."

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