Wednesday, December 19, 2012


I really do sense the picture is much bigger than we have known/been allowed to imagine. And when one is able to break free, with the displacing of old familiar fears and all their mistaken notions, and steps outside into the fresh air that is waiting outside the confining walls that have held them, new possibilities open up. Now the light of the heart and the mind that has been there all along becomes more discernible. Love and compassion begin to be seen through the eyes of the imagination and possibility instead of some old dead rules that had never represented them nor their transforming essence. The old space had us stuck, living in denial, accepting the excuses, settling, and carrying the frustrations, blinded essentially, unable to see what we have been given and the role we have been invited to live in. The role isn't a well defined path promising ease and all the comforts. It just promises an alive life, full of the kind of stuff that being human was meant to be.

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