Friday, December 28, 2012


The best way of subverting the norm in the world, is by subverting the norm in ourselves...the places we have become stuck that stand in the way of us being able to find those spaces of nourishment that opens up the human experience to a life lived in sync with the dream that brought us here.

One of the norms we get stuck in is the daily project of domestication. And in saying that, I'm not suggesting that it is possible to escape the realm of necessity. But what I am suggesting is that it is possible for us to break free of the routine that slowly, throughout a lifetime, drags us away from the wild mystery of being here. The mystery is way bigger than the act of waking, putting on your clothes, going to work, consuming, then back to sleep, only to rise again in the morning to do it again. There is way more here than that.

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