Monday, December 10, 2012


I had a great conversation last week with a client who had asked his wife to come along so she could see my photos. They've lived their entire lives here in this same area I live. Most would call it very boring when it comes to scenery. What got this particular conversation going, a discussion about how we miss so much, was their surprise that almost all of my photos are taken in the most common of daily settings; my tiny garden, mine or my daughter's bedroom window, down the road a ways on a hilltop behind a local grocery store, my driveway, etc. etc. etc. They sat there mesmerized by it and in disbelief. A new photo would come up and they would ask, "Where was that one taken?" and I would tell them and they would respond with a "No way!!!"

 Back in 05 during a trip I took to Oregon, a local nursery owner from that area and I had spent two days driving the back roads of Mt Hood and the Columbia River Gorge area seeing the sights and spotting Oregon wildflower gems along the way. It was spring and the valleys and hillsides and road ditches where awash with color. To be there with another plant nut as the spring landscape was waking up is an experience I will never forget. I still so vividly remember the drive back towards Mt Hood as we were making our way back to his home after the drive along the Columbia River. It was while traveling through a valley of orchards, with the snowcapped peak of Mt Hood out in front of us, I noticed a quaint little farm house that would have offered beautiful views of Mt Hood from every window in the back of the house. I said to my friend Don, if the people who live there don't live in awe of that view everyday, they shouldn't be allowed to live there.

 I know it sounds harsh. But you must know also, that was in 05....I was about to enter a season I did not see coming. A season that transformed the former harshness out of me. I have no intentions of going around taking away the awesome views that surround us all, from the people who don't appreciate them. But I do feel compelled to spend my days in a way that might help others notice, like my two clients did last night, the healing beauty that is right there....out your back window, in a tiny garden, behind your local shopping center, or most certainly, even from your driveway.........and aren't you glad about that? Because most people can't afford to travel to what most think of when they think of exotic beautiful places. We really just need to have eyes to see what is right in front of us.

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