Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Wonder is one of the first presences to get pushed out of life, for we who live in these modern times. The focus gets set on progress, and acquisition, and survival through all kinds of frantic planning which leaves us trying to tame the uncertain imagined future that lies ahead. It leads us to and leaves us stuck in future tripping and dull routine. But when a life awakens to wonder and becomes infused with its presence, it transfigures a life out of the dull routine that has left us numb and merely functioning in order to survive, and transplants us in a fertile soil where everything begins to feel intimate once again. And it is from this place of intimacy with all that is around us that we begin to grow in a healthy and natural way.

Monday, October 22, 2012


I love those moments when in the seemingly most ordinary things, the extraordinariness of it all becomes undeniably noticeable. What's unfortunate though is, most people seem to be programmed in a way that leaves them always looking for the rare and out-of-reach kind of things and experiences that happen somewhere beyond their everyday lives and environments. It keeps people thinking about life and living their lives in a way that is malformed.
A friend of mine responded to the photo of the setting sun awhile back that was so clearly one of those moments of someone seeing something beautiful (in something extremely ordinary) that left me very aware of the reality that she more than likely misses the extraordinariness of the ordinary that is around her every moment of everyday. Behind her expression was the question....When did you go on vacation? And to what extraordinary destination did you go? I was glad to be able to respond to her with this...It was just last week and was within a mile of where you live. I think her next words were....Oh whatever!!!!
What of this sacred daily life do we fail to experience, due to us always thinking that the grass is always greener somewhere other then where we happen to be, or in something other than what we are presently doing because the location where our daily life happens is void of the extraordinary or the more beautiful things? This kind of living that keeps us trapped in a way a thinking that seals us off from the magnificence of where the most holy moments are happening...in the ordinary...robs us of the experience of the most beautiful holy moments. And instead traps us in a world governed by expectations of experiencing something extraordinary tomorrow when we get to arrange our lives how we think they should be or when we get to travel somewhere and spend some time outside of our everyday life.
It is such a wild trip to be here. And being here is enough. And when we lose sight of that we end up greedily grabbing for things that disfigures the gift, and we harm ourselves and others in that grabbing that emerges out of a discontented heart and a misunderstanding of what being blessed means. And especially for all of us who have extremely privileged lives, it's good for us to remember those whose experience is lived out in places of real bleakness and suffering that disfigures the ordinary into a real struggle to survive. And those places are closer to us then we are often even aware of.

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Healthy life is more like fragile water droplets dancing precariously on the edge of a slippery leaf...and yet somehow mysterious held.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


In a society like we live, where there is such a focus on acquisition, continued monetary growth, and surviving the aggression, and stress, and anxiety it produces, one of the most common casualties seems to be the loss of the presence of some good nurturing rituals in our lives. And when you lose those, or never create them in your life to begin with, you fall out of touch with the nurturing natural rhythm of your soul.

Friday, October 12, 2012


It's common to hear people say they believe in a bigger story. But the bigger story seems to be more influenced/damaged by the Post Modern idea of individualism and the dysfunctional social/political contracts it fosters, than the other way around. It seems to leave us simply saying we believe and then going about our lives living like we don't.
The Post Modern mind is in need of a disruption in order to allow something wholly other to slip in. For myself, the quiet of Nature and what is spoken there just happens to provide the disruption I need. For you it might be something else.

Monday, October 08, 2012


As I have mentioned before, the trustable presence of the moon, along with a wondrous mystery it represents, and the whole of the order of the orbit of the cosmos we too are a part of, has always left me freaked out. Freaked out in a "WOW" kind of way. It really is an expression of reverence and it serves as a constant reminder to me of an invisible presence that is so easily forgotten as we humans go about our days caught up in this world that is all caught up the visible surface stuff that have no mystery surrounding it. And when humans become so transfixed in that world and live disconnected to the mystery, they find themselves living in a way that leaves them so susceptible to being manipulated and controlled by those who control the visible surface level activities.

 This is where some nurturing kind of rituals serve us well. And for me, there is no better ritual than the natural one that happens around us all every day. No one is excluded from this one. It just seems that most human fail to enter into it, and in so doing miss out on the nurturing beauty that is always being offered.

 I find this observation from Kathleen Raines very profound and applicable here....and helpful.

 "Strangest of all is the ease with which the vision is lost, consciousness contracts, we forget over and over again, until recollection is stirred by some icon of beauty. Then we remember and wonder why we ever forgot."


I find the description below to be one of the clearest observations in regards to what happens to us. And when the everyday challenges of this life are left to be defined by and understood through the prism of fear and false belonging, the staggering lack of real presence is understandable.

"In some unnoticed way we have managed to inflict severe surgery on ourselves. We have separated soul from experience, become utterly taken up with the outside world and allowed the interior life to shrink. Like a stream that disappears underground, there remains on the surface only the slightest trickle. When we devote no time to the inner life, we lose the habit of soul. We become accustomed to keeping things at surface level. The deeper questions about who we are and what we are here for visit us less and less. If we allow time for the soul, we will come to sense its dark and luminous depth. If we fail to acquaint ourselves with soul, we will remain strangers in our own lives."
 ~ John O'Donohue