Monday, January 14, 2013


It is neither environment nor heredity that is the presence that birthed the soul, one of those most intimate and interesting parts of us that makes us who we are. But environment and heredity certainly go to work on the soul the moment we land in this world as new born babies. And the soul and its primal longing gets falsified. Yet we soon come to believe, expressed by how we go about living, that these tangible presences are mostly what it is all about. Much of it goes on without us even being aware of it. The scrips we are handed by parents, friends, enemies, bosses, educators, preachers, politicians and so forth become powerful shaping forces in our lives. And I think we who are born into religious traditions (any of them) might even have it worse than people who are not. When an 'all knowing, all seeing, bean-counting God Presence' and the religious training that follows that around is added in on top of the mix of environment and heredity, it becomes really difficult to challenge and question the script. If you haven't yet noticed, most of the gods, at least the ones I see being paraded around, are domesticated gods.
Peeling back the layers of social and religious domestication that have become a crust around the soul, is a most worthwhile endeavor. Under it all, there is a wild untamed elegance that you need and that the world needs.

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