Tuesday, January 29, 2013


This story Seth shares just resonates with me.

"So if you and I had been sitting around just after the Dark Ages and heard the story of Icarus — what we would have heard is this: that Daedalus said to his son two things — one, put these wings on but don't fly too close to the sun because it's too hot up there and the wax will melt. But more important, Son, do not fly too low, do not fly too close to the sea, because the mist and the water will weigh down the wings and you will surely perish. And for me the most important message that I've come to after thinking about this for so many years is, we are flying too low. We built this universe, this technology, these connections, this society, and all we can do with it is make junk. All we can do with it is put on stupid entertainments. I'm not buying it." ~ Seth Godin

I know I came to feel the very way Seth describes here that he feels. I came to find out that one of the reasons why was that my imagination had been shut down. Mostly by culture. And a lot of that was built out of fear, worry and control. I had become so conditioned to just accept the ground rules the culture had laid down. And I was doing pretty well, considering culture's standard of measure, while living within those ground rules. But it wasn't fulfilling. The longing just kept being dragged around from one thing to the next....."If only______". Fill in the blank. My blank was always being filled with things personal and collective. And it was always external stuff. And even if I experienced some of that coming to pass...it never ended up being what I thought it was going to be. I was flying too low.

One big way that played out and continued to be fed was, I was trapped and attempting to live within the myth of scarcity. I was caught in the sick lie that said that storing up stuff, things and hopefully lots of money, in order to have more than enough somehow represented wisdom. It left the reality of, Enough for this day is enough, sounding rather foolish. It's a popular story. It's just not the story I went around trying to say I believed. There was a huge disconnected between what I said and my social self.

Freedom and success turns out to look a lot different from here. Flying too low keeps us believing and trusting in things that make all kinds of claims and promises but never delivers.

Flying high really is made out of the things that look and sound foolish to the mind shaped by cultural frames and the cultures ground rules. And it's not just about a project of self improvement. It's about collaborating in something much larger, that often sounds foolish, in ways that elevate the self to new places to where it can see in a real new creative way that extends way out beyond the 'false self' that is the creation of environments/cultures caught up in the myth of scarcity...and flying too low while trying to convince you that it knows the art of soaring.

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