Friday, February 15, 2013


Well, another gardening season is upon me. The Hellebore magic has begun. And the naturally occurring moss is doing it's magnificent display of blooms that most probably never even notice. It's a passion of mine to see that change. We live in a place of astounding beauty. It's a gift just to be here. And we humans struggle in so many ways that leave us missing it on too many days.

The photo above came to me today from a dear friend. She is Chinese. She had invited me to her home to have lunch with her and her husband, and to talk. And do we ever talk when together. We got to talking about awareness/mindful presence and all the changes that brings to ones life and experience. This is where the image above comes in. While talking, she jotted it down and then described to me what it means. She then said, "This is one way people in China, who know about this stuff, would describe what has happened to you."

It made me smile as she explained it. And it also made me sad that this is something that seems so lacking in our culture in America. The entire Western World for that matter. I think it's part of the reason for the struggle I mentioned above.

The first symbol means Deep/Depth

The second means Enter/Going inside

The third means Simplicity

And the forth means Outward/Come out.

To find real substantial sustainable depth we must go inward and do the most important work of the inner/invisible world. And as we do, we will find a simplicity and peace that will leave us living in a state of being confounded by it all. As well as a constant state of gratitude about it. And in turn, with those people who do this inner work, they then will find themselves moving outward from that space, available to others in ways they have never before experienced.

And some might be wondering why any of that comes up in a post about the new gardening season. All I can say is that it fits perfectly. Beauty is at the heart of this life of freedom and mindful presence. We need it as much as we need love. The natural world and the mystery it is wrapped in might just be the best and most trustable and consistent of places to encounter it.


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