Monday, February 18, 2013


Somedays are just so full of presence, you get lost in them. And what a grand kind of lost it is. It's the very kind of place we find everything we need. We would be well served in learning how to linger/dwell in such a way. This world and all the troubles and false belonging it presents, can and does drag us far away from a way of being that can nourish us and heal us and set us back on a path that respects the rhythm and shape of our soul.

These words from John O'Donohue just seem very fitting.

"There is such wisdom in Nature. Often it carries out its most miraculous work quietly under the veil of the ordinary. Sometimes we achieve the most wonderful things when we are not even aware of what we are doing. If we did know it, we might only paralyze ourselves and ruin the flow of natural creativity."

 I really do think it is in these more quiet places, away from all the noise and all the confusing curriculums of certainty...political/religious/economic...that enough silence is created to where we can hear what we need to hear.



Steve said...

Love this post also! My second book is about to be released Kent "The Stillness at the Edge of Time" Coming from such a legalistic revivalist background these posts are water to a weary soul. As one that found security in revivalism and preached a hard revivalism it is like I have rediscovered a new life of abounding love and grace in Him who always has loved me!

Grace and peace


Kent said...

It is quite a shift isn't it?

Steve, did you find my blog through Wayne J and The God Journey?

Steve said...

Yes I listened to your recent interview 5 times - it was such a valuable choice of words that had me talking out loud in smiles to myself as I drove back from our local Starbucks!

Kent said...

So glad you found it helpful.