Saturday, February 09, 2013


Learning to slow down, and calm down, and to allow ourselves to settle back into time, real time, to where we can receive and respond in a nurturing way to what is really happening around us, instead of reacting to everything, has a way of refining our ways of belonging in the world.


Rick Creech said...

I just had a thought while I was sitting here, having just read your post. I was just thinking about the difference between doing and being, I always want to be "doing" but that small voice in my heart is telling me that its okay to just be. It's hard for me to just be, like just be still and listen, just be still and be loved, just be still and know that you are enough. I got things I want to do, but I'm wondering what the point of those things are if I can't just be. I enjoy your posts Kent, thanks for taking the time to share them.

Kent said...

Rick, the shift from doing to being is a tough one. This culture knows little about being, and because of that, we all have been shaped with that most essential presence missing from the equation.

But the shift is possible. And the shift changes everything.