Saturday, March 02, 2013


I'm attending on Sunday the first Exhibit Opening of 2013 at the gallery where my photos will be on display later this year. I need to see the layout of the place, the sight lines, and see how other artists approach and handle an opening. Then it will be time to begin to put the choices of photos together (leaving space for newer ones still to come) and begin printing and framing.

I think if I wasn't just a bit crazy I would be all nervous about this endeavor. But I'm least not yet :-)

Maybe part of the reason I'm not feeling intimidated and nervous is that I am living under no delusions about myself being a technically perfect image making professional photographer. That's really not what moves me and it was never why I began carrying a camera around. What I began carrying a camera around for was to capture the ever present beauty that we all are surrounded by right outside our front door...and to maybe help some people who rarely ever notice it awaken to it so that they too might pay attention to it and come to know of and appreciate its transforming/transfiguring power.

I think I can handle that.

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