Friday, March 29, 2013


Sometimes we share experiences with others that are so similar. Such is the case with this from the book Planthropology by Ken Druse

"The lure of the garden has always been strong. As a child, I eagerly awaited the colors and scents of spring, imagining they heralded a spectacle of blossoms and blooms meant just for me. Summers were spent spying on bees as they buzzed from flower to flower, and butterflies as they sipped nectar from their blossomed perches. Now, as a passionate gardener and nature's observer, I know of course it's not for me these plants are blooming---it's for the bee, butterfly, ants, birds, bats, and myriad other creatures that plants need in order to thrive. And yet, sometimes, when a particular bloom unfurls, I still like to imagine it's nature's gift to me, in return for my time and devotion."

And some might find it surprising to find out that I too no longer live believing plants bloom for my pleasure, but instead it is all about the collaborative web of life. It's way bigger and more important than my pleasure. But, since we all need beauty as much as we need food and love, we too greatly benefit from it all. It's all's all grace. And it's for us to enjoy, and take care of, protect, as we go along on this journey of discovery. It should leave us all living in awe as we go.

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