Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I sit here in the quiet of this studio gazing out into a landscape that is being visited by a gentle rain, thinking. Some words from Pascal have been on my mind a lot this weekend. They actually are words that visit me often as I observe all the running about and all the angst and trouble that seem to travel alongside all the frenetic motion. Pascal said that most of our troubles arise out of our inability to sit still. And I believe that this sitting still he refers to also includes one being able to still the mind. It is possible for one's body to be motionless and yet not still at all.

And a still mind doesn't mean a mind vacated of thought. It just means a mind that has stilled the chaos created when one is attempting to live while the mind is either stuck in the past or always racing from the moment into some uncertain future.

Life is an experience. That only happens in one place....right here, right now. And both, the one who is learning to still themselves and the one who has not are caught up in experience. The difference it makes is what kind of experience is one having. The one way of experiencing brings a clarity to the experience....it enables us to feel it all more of how it really is. While the other is really an escape from reality. It will leave us thinking we know what is going on when in actuality it has left us misreading everything.

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