Sunday, May 05, 2013


It was this song that stood out among all the songs on John's 1989 release The Lover And The Beloved. The lyrics were all taken from poems written by St. John of the Cross, Thomas Merton and other mystics. Musically it stood out and I do believe, but then had no clue, that it was also due to the mystic in me longing to come out. That would take another 16 years. It was then by chance, I had an encounter with Richard Rohr which opened the door to a treasure trove of Catholic mystics coming into my life. The song now has deep tangible meaning clothed in experience.

You can hear it here:

  I Found My Beloved 

"Until you learn to inhabit your aloneness, the lonely distraction and noise of society will seduce you into false belonging, with which you will only become empty and weary. When you face your aloneness, something begins to happen. Gradually, the sense of bleakness changes into a sense of true belonging. This is a slow and open-ended transition but it is utterly vital in order to come into rhythm with your own individuality. In a sense this is the endless task of finding your true home within your life. It is not narcissistic, for as soon as you rest in the house of your own heart, doors and windows begin to open outwards to the world. No longer on the run from your aloneness, your connections with others become real and creative. You no longer need to covertly scrape affirmation from others or from projects outside yourself. This is slow work; it takes years to bring your mind home."
~ John O'Donohue

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