Tuesday, May 07, 2013


 Things are always in motion...in flux. But even still, there is a calm that can be found. Most people hate the impermanence of things and in turn work hard trying to keep things predictable and from changing. It's a tyranny. The outcome of such effort is never good and without a doubt produces copious amounts of stress and anxiety and most often leaves those caught up in the storm unable to see clearly. And even when the present troubles and chaos pass, humans are usually just left more the same as they were before....doubling their efforts in hopes of getting better at controlling others, themselves, and the circumstances of their life, all as an attempt to avoid the pain caused by it all. It is a futile exercise.

 Yet there is another way of being in this world that will work away at the tangled knot created by our dysfunction. It will begin to untangle what needs untangled without creating more damage to us and to others. And if we will enter into this long surrender we will begin to experience something completely new....and will be a lot more calm and able to remain present regardless of what is happening all around us.

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