Saturday, May 04, 2013


 When you are a parent, it is impossible to live free of concern for your children. This journey of a human life finding its way in this world can leave a heart black and blue. And the false belonging and false belonging systems and the disfunction that has become the accepted norm of this culture we live, is just brutal in how it drags one so far away from the inner life, while relentlessly promoting a surface existence of achievement and progress and getting from that surface stuff what we think will make us happy. It really does leave people caught up in all kinds of self sabotaging behaviors. We then become our own worst enemy...willingly choosing to participate in a way that is so out of sync and full of misery and angst and pain and trouble yet ignoring what the misery and angst and pain and trouble is trying to tell us.

 When the wrong voices have our becomes inevitable that we will be found living continually following all the wrong gods home.

 The healthier voices are always out there.

 They just aren't obnoxious and they avoid the aggressive approach used by all the false voices who have no problem manipulating others for their own self pleasure and personal gain at someone else's expense.

  It is the healthier voices we are in need of.

  Will we listen?

 "The shape of each soul is different. There is a secret destiny for each person. When you endeavor to repeat what others have done or force yourself into a preset mold, you betray your individuality. We need to return to the solitude within, to find again the dream that lies at the hearth of the soul. We need to feel the dream with the wonder of a child approaching a threshold of discovery. When we rediscover our childlike nature, we enter into a world of gentle possibility. The false burdens fall away. We come into rhythm with ourselves. Our clay shape gradually learns to walk beautifully on this magnificent earth.

 “Familiarity can be a quiet death, an arrangement that permits the routine to continue without offering any new challenge or nourishment.” Mystery is the antidote to familiarity.

 "If we become addict to the external, our interiority will haunt us. "No one else can look out for your inner life but yourself. If you don't look out for your inner life, no one else can." ~~~John O'Donohue

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