Monday, June 24, 2013


While sitting quietly in the garden today, waiting on a little creature to appear, and waiting, and waiting, and waiting, I stumbled upon something I believe to be pretty fine. These photos are all the product of something completely unexpected and certainly unplanned. The waiting in the nice lovely cool spot in the garden, on this humid 90 degree day, is no problem for me. I've learned to appreciate the art of lingering, especially in nourishing places. Turns out, it just happens to be one of the most productive ways to spend time. Non-doing isn't at all about doing nothing. A lot can be happening in those moments when nothing is happening.

 Today, like most days in the garden, I was sitting with my camera. The little creature never made an appearance. After awhile out there I began to scan the rest of the landscape, looking through the lens, in hopes of finding a different subject to focus on. With a quick scan I decided that there wasn't really anything present here today that wasn't here yesterday and that I hadn't photographed already. And then something through the lens caught my attention. The play of light and color and texture through the leaves of a Japanese Maple....blurred...out of focus. So I turned off the Auto Focus setting and manually refocused to recapture the moment I had just seen before the camera had locked on focus. And I began shooting. Now seeing thing differently, everywhere I moved across the garden I would find something of beauty.

 How often in our lives do we become bored, and our senses dulled, to where all the colors and textures of life bleed away until everything we have and everything we can see becomes boring and uninteresting? Maybe if you find yourself in such a place, you might try turning the Auto Focus setting off. You might just find within the blurred...the unknown...the unanticipated...the unfamiliar, all the things you have avoided....something that you have been missing all along that you really are in need of.

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