Monday, June 17, 2013


To be able to walk these grounds, this special landscape, all alone before the public begins to arrive, really is a privilege.

I really do wish I could make the entire world so tranquil.

In reality this planet already is, humans just fell out of its rhythm and no longer know what they have, and instead settle for the ravaged path of independence...sowing strife, mischief, and pain, then scrambling trying to recover from and survive what they are responsible for having created themselves.

"The garden is the only place there is, but you will not find it until you have looked for it everywhere and found nowhere that is not desert." ~ W. H. Auden ~


Bren Thebeau said...

Just love your photographic style and your gift with words. Echoes my own heart and thoughts and appeals to my visual senses all in one. Great post!

Kent said...

And do the thoughts I expressed in this post ever apply to the day's unfolding stories.