Wednesday, June 19, 2013


The stillness of the night at day's end yesterday, was something to linger in quietly for as long as possible. As best I could, I quieted the mind and slipped into it's primal presence....and just listened...away from all the challenges that domestication, and her activities we get drawn into, piles on top of we humans.

 We really do pile a lot of the unnecessary on ourselves and others. Trying to do something significant so as to feel significant, and in the doing miss most everything that is calling us. The most ordinary-should-be-obvious ways of engaging in this one short unrepeatable life with ourselves and with others. Over thinking, over analyzing, over scheming, over protecting our turf, usually from the foundations that have been laid down inside the head by the false belonging systems and the ideologies that have formed us. The wild mystery, wonder, and its magic long ago squeezed out of us by it all.

 The good news though is that none of us are far from the freedom and the wild ride that is longing to claim us.

 This isn't rocket science. It's more about just being human...loving what is around us and in need of that love and care, and all the possibilities it can open up and make reality.

 Often, and surprising to many, it is religion and our inferior/false images of God and what this life is suppose to be like that turns out to be the largest obstacle we have to get past.

 "Often we can't feel the presence of God because we don't let ourselves alone. I believe in a spirituatity of radical non-self interference and if we can just let ourselves be then we will find that in that act of acceptance that there is something really subversive. There is nothing so radical and subversive as an act of acceptance and sometimes when we call off our search and our hunger for God it is then that we allow ourselves to be found by the Divine Presence." ~ John O'Donohue

 And sometimes if we just call off our search and hunger to be involved in and to do something significant, we will hear the music, the simple music leading us to do the obvious we are capable of doing, that is right in front of us already.

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