Thursday, July 11, 2013


Beauty seeks to set the mind free and to enlarge the heart with wonder. When the imagination gets shut down or hijacked by presences that can't help but impoverish the soul and leave the mind troubled, we lose touch with the immensity of possibilities that reside within each and every human being.

 And there is a huge difference between beauty's presence and the presences that rob us. I guess you could say, using a term we all can understand, that beauty has a shyness about it. While the other presences have an aggressiveness about them. Those presences come at us relentlessly and assault us. And too often, reality is, we've become so familiar and comfortable with those presences, we actually invite them in daily and they no longer register with us as an assault.

 The Greek word for the beautiful is 'to kalon'. It is related to the word 'kalein' which includes the notion of 'call'. Beauty is calling.....inviting us to come away so as to engage with its healing way.

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