Saturday, September 07, 2013


The aggressive competitive way of being that represents the culture we live in, has little tolerance or time for reverence for anything. The conservative religious worldview most of the first part of my life was defined by and framed by, really knew nothing about a life of reverence.....even concerning the Divine it was said to represent. Actually, most of that time, and the experience it created, had left me more lost than ever.

Abandoning all of that through a season of critically taking a look at it from top to bottom was a scary endeavor. The turbulence it created could have certainly led me back into the perceived safety of the familiar worldview. Pushing through that fear saved me.

Reverence is returning.

This is one example why when I stumbled upon John's writing that it resonated with me so much. He was speaking of things I had begun to experience.

"To think is to go beyond. Thinking that deserves the name never attempts to make a cage for mystery. Reverential thought breaks down the thought-cages that domesticate mystery. This thinking is disturbing but liberating. This is the kind of thinking at the heart of prayer, namely, the liberation of the Divine from the small prisons of our fear and control. To liberate the Divine is to liberate oneself. Each person is so vulnerable in the way he or she sees things. You are so close to your own way of thinking that you are probably unaware of its power and control over how you experience everything, including yourself. This is the importance of drama as a literary form; it provides you with the opportunity to know yourself at one remove, so to speak, without threatening you with self-annihilation. Your thinking can be damaged. You may sense this but put it down to how life is. You remain unaware of your freedom to change how you think. When your thinking is locked in false certainty or negativity, it puts so many interesting and vital areas of life out of your reach. You live impoverished and hungry in the midst of your own abundance." ~ John O'Donohue

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