Thursday, September 05, 2013


whispers of
relentless affection
singing us all
into healing!

That beautiful observation came to me by way of a message sent to me by Paul Young a few years ago. In my mind I often think of it in a way where I interchange Grace with Nature/Beauty. Creation feels very much like grace to me. And its whispers of relentless affection can sing us all into healing. It is a very subversive transformative presence. And coming to understand that it really is a presence makes all the difference in how one approaches it....enters it.... dwells in it....and allows it to enter and embrace them and effect them.


sparrow girl said...

That is beautiful! I remember reading your blog years ago and being so encouraged as you wrote about God's grace, and recently after going through a hard time, I am so in need of just a fresh soaking in His grace and love again..and He brought to mind your blog..I was so thankful to find it again..thank you for sharing such wonderful thoughts of life and grace!

Kent said...

I miss the blogging community we all had.

The blog's stats in regards to activity informs me that a lot of people are still stopping by here regularly. But without those stats I wouldn't think anyone was visiting here anymore. There is rarely ever a comment left.

It's telling me that there is anywhere from 1500-3000 page views happening each month.