Monday, September 09, 2013


The wheels are coming off. Or maybe they have been off now for a long time already? Or maybe I'm just engaged with a unique cross section of the population and am seeing stuff/the fallout regularly that others don't run into and experience?

Relationships are blowing apart everywhere. People are in conflict with others and with themselves. It effects marriage relationships, parent/child relationships, boss and employee relationships, peer friendships, and on and on and on. It's exercise in false belonging. When there is control, manipulation, abuse, infidelity, cheating, using others to get what we want, etc. etc. etc., that's dysfunctional. It all leaves people malformed and hurting, and repeating the cycle themselves.

And to even say this in the times we live is risky. It often elicits all kinds of accusations of violating the personhood of others who demand that they are free to do whatever they want to do. "Who are you to act so uppity like you are so perfect!!!!!"

I'm not uppity, nor am I perfect. But I know what I see. And I know it is destructive. And I know it doesn't have to be this way. But this is what the narrative of this culture has produced. The community is not healthy. The environment is dysfunctional. The storyline perpetuates the mess. And people who are suffering under the fallout for some reason still cozy up to the narrative in all its forms and are somehow entertained by it.

Regaining our sanity and the health of our inner world demands we break free of the dysfunctional narrative that is constantly at work shaping our thinking and dictating to us how life is suppose to be. The ridiculous voices that represent the dysfunction and spread it, have to be tuned out. It's not a matter of getting rid of them. They are not going away. We as individuals have to decide between sanity and health, or the destructive madness.

Our public bodies and the life that flows from them are refections of the condition of our inner world.


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