Thursday, September 26, 2013


It's the most egalitarian reality available to all equally. Nothing held back, and the vast majority of it impossible for greedy human hands to selfishly take for itself, where by in doing so, it then wouldn't be equally accessible to everyone else. The Creator is way more just and compassionate and trustable than are we. The evidence of that is plainly displayed all around us. There are no favorites here.

 This is why Nature has become the best thing for me to point to in regards to the goodness and overflowing blessings of God....towards EVERYONE....EQUALLY.

 And human economic systems and their ideologies, and Religious systems and their ideologies, and Governmental/Political systems and their ideologies, are never respecters of this. And the reason we humans have fallen out of touch with this, and our lives fallen out of sync with the beauty of it and become so confused is that, it is those things that have had a greater influence on us.......than has the Creator.

 And if me expressing that makes any of my more orthodox friends uncomfortable, I offer this. I specifically express it this way intentionally. And know is not a rejection or replacement of what you might immediately be thinking. It is an attempt at recovering it.

 There is no more a domesticated figure in the Western Tradition than Jesus....the way he is functionalized and used by all kinds of systems and turned into a very predictable kind of safe compromiser which he wasn't at all. He is dangerous. ~~~ John O'Donohue

 A friend posted this to their Facebook page and I think it fits here, even if NT Wright might not agree with what I posted above. In many ways, what NT Wright is describing in what he says here, is very much my point also.

  "The western world has been ruled by a dictator who paved over the springs of water with thick concrete, thus forcing the people to drink from his complex system of pipes. That worked for a while until people started pining for the distant memory of bubbling springs and fresh water. Then, in time, without warning, the springs burst through the concrete in a sudden explosion. 

Wright’s dictator is materialist philosophy, and the water “is what we call today ‘spirituality,’ the hidden spring that bubbles up within human hearts and human societies.” Wright continues...

  "The official guardians of the old water system (many of whom work in the media and in politics, and some of whom, naturally enough, work in churches) are of course horrified to see the volcano of 'spirituality' that has erupted in recent years. All this 'New Age' myticism, the Tarot cards, crystals, horoscopes, and so on; all this fundamentalism, with militant Christians, militant Sikhs, militant muslims, and many others bombing each otherwith God in their side. Surely, say the guardians of the official water system, all this is terribly unhealthy? Surely it will lead us back to superstition, to the old chaotic, polluted, and irrational water supply? They have a point. But they must face a question in response: Does the fault not lie with those who wanted to pave over the springs with concrete in the first place? “'The hidden spring' of spirituality is the second feature of human life which, I suggest, functions as an echo of a voice; as a signpost pointing away from the bleak landscape of modern secularism and toward the possibility that we humans are made for more than this."

 People get all sweaty palmed and worried about all this wandering outside what they consider safe. Well, guess what? What was consider safe didn't turn out to be the doorway into LIFE. It instead too often functioned as a room with nothing but locked doors.

 I really don't think the Creator is all sweaty palmed and worried. For goodness sake.....isn't it this Creator that turned us over to ourselves in the first place? The Creator continues to put trust in humans and than humans choose to disrespect that trust which is a precious gift.

What follows here is a link to a very profound presentation dealing with this.



shadowlander said...

Wow. Echo of a voice...and the call to nature. "It's the most egalitarian reality available to all equally."

Kent...speechless here. But deeply resonating.

Fantastic post. Thank you.

- Patti

Kent said...

Thanks Patti

It all resonates deeply with me too.